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Pastor Jamal Bryant Got Annihilated On The Streets of BodyMore (Baltimore)

Wow, this was really hard to watch. Pastor Jamal Bryant, a prominent pastor of Empowerment Temple Church in Baltimore, Maryland was annihilated as he set out to SnapChat from the “148th West Wednesday Weekly Event.”  West Wednesday is a weekly event put on by the family and friends of Tyrone West who was arrested and died in police custody and is usually run by Tyrone West’s sister Tawanda Jones. They have gathered every Wednesday since his death to keep his memory alive and to put pressure on the Baltimore Police Department because the officers responsible were not charged.

Tenisons have been REALLY high in Baltimore since the deaths of both Tyrone West and Freddie Gray. In the clip below Baltimore Activist PFK Boom annihilates Pastor Bryant and tells him to leave our city.

Wow…check it out!

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