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Just Who is Ron Newt Anyway?? He Says He is the Kingpen of the Real “EMPIRE”

Welp, he’s an supposed relative and old friend of Joe and Michael Jackson who’s claim to fame was being  a former pimp, gangster and drug dealer who goes by the moniker Prince Diamond.  He also just happens to be the guy who is suing Lee Daniels, Terrance Howard and a host of other folks regarding his life story.

You see Newt believes the hit show Empire is about his life and he’s suing for a billion dollars.  TMZ broke the story last year  and now he’s doing interviews. This time he’s claiming that in the 80’s he was offered  $200,000 to lie and say that Michael Jackson had inappropriately touched one of his sons from the young R&B group The Newtrons. The boys were being managed by Joe Jackson at the time.  He has lots of pictures showing his close relationship with The King of Pop. What do you think of this guy?

Check out his interview with VladTV about them offering him the money to lie.

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