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Just Who Is JazzyPudding Anyway?

Ok, I know some of you guys are probably wondering just who the heck JazzyPudding is, Right? Welp, I’m JazzyPudding! ¬†Born and raised in Baltimore, MD I’ve lived all up and down the east coast with Atlanta, Georgia being my favorite place to live out of all places. At least for now ūüôā

I’ve been Pudding since I came from the womb and I’ve been blogging off and on for over¬†ten years. ¬†Blogging has always been a stress reliever for me and I enjoy doing the research that comes along with telling a good celebrity story.

It all started back in the day with Jackie Collins’ books and RightOn Magazine. Some of you younger ones may not be familiar with the them but for me, a¬†70’s baby Jackie Collins and Right On Magazine was my eye into the rest of the world. ¬†Right On Magazine showcased all the black stars in all the glitz and glamour that Hollywood had to offer. Jackie Collins’s books were so juicy that they were hard to put down. To this day my momma doesn’t know, and don’t you tell her, LOL. But Jackie’s ¬†stories were all about fictional Hollywood celebrities. It was all about celebrity sex, lies and scandal. ¬†The first book I read of Jackie’s was “The Bitch” and I’ve been hooked on reading about celebrity lives every since.

So, if you combine my love for celebrity gossip and the fact that I love to read you’ll understand how JazzyPudding was born. One of my first blogs was¬†Aries Urban Spot. It was actually created because I love to read, I love music, entertainment news & business. I’m interested in Black studies; Black history and so much more. ¬† is¬†my outlet for all those things.

My prayer is that you guys will continue to follow and read “”



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