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Have You Met the Real Tommi of LHHATL???



Have you met Tommie from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. She’s been arrested multiple times for fraud and now she is on LHHATL as Karen King’s possible soon to be daughter in law. See Tommi is dating Karen’s son Scrap. Not only does she look a whole lot like Duchess from BlackInk but this chick has damn near more mugshots than Suge Knight, Pac & Diddy all rolled together.

Anyway, folks are saying that Tommie is fraud and that her real name is not Tommie but Atasha Jefferson. Allegedly, Atasha is wanted at this moment in the state of Minnesota for a fraud caper she did with Karen King of LHHATL. They’re also saying she’s so scandalous that she used someone else’s identity and to get her butt, teeth and stomach done and charged it to their credit card. OOOOh Damn…Hide yo purse. 🙁

Folks are saying Tommie is 32 not 28 years old and I tell you, it breaks my heart sometimes to see women out there like this. I know stuff can get rough. And I’ve seen folks do some really crazy stuff but you would think that once a young woman lands in her late 20’s early 30’s she is pretty much done with any and all foolishness. Nope, Not Ms. Atasha Jefferson. What I really don’t understand is why these fools are being featured on LHHATL in the first place. Lawd, it does make for good reality tv, I guess but Mona Scott-Young please do better.


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