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Have You Met LHHATL’s KK?

Have you met the “KK”, Scrap and Sas?  They’re the newest addition to this season’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta drama. Karen “KK” King, Alonte ‘Scrapp’ Smith and Lyndon ‘Sas’ Smith are the new Bonnie & Clyde except there are two Clyde’s and they’re “KK’s” sons!

In 2012 “KK”, who was a fugitive for a year was arrested for the brutal beating & kidnapping of her ex-boyfriend and son’s father Lyndon Baines Smith.  “KK’s” sons Scrapp and Sas  were 17 and 23 at the time and were also arrested a year earlier along with three other young men from Atlanta.  They were pulled over in Alabama for erratic behavior where the the police found the badly beaten father in the trunk of the car.  All the suspects are charged with kidnapping, aggravated assault and aggravated battery.  It’s been said that the beating stemmed from an argument over money. The charges were all later dropped.

K.K. Sas and Scrapp

Ok, I have to stop right here. They were caught and she went on the run. She was caught after someone called in a tip of her whereabouts. Lord knows I don’t want to judge and I know you have to be careful about what you say you will and will not do but I know without a doubt I would absolutely not ever have involved my children in anything like this. I just can’t understand a mother enlisting her young sons in the attempted murder of their biological father. Who in the hell does that?  Welp, we’re about to find out during the rest of this season’s Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.

After getting wind of KK and her boys being on LHHATL this week Lyndon Smith, Scrapp and Sas’s dad speaks out.

Lyndon Smith with his sons Scrap and Sas
Lyndon Smith’s Facebook Post


Check out KK below and for more information on this story check out 11Alive (Atlanta)


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