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The Artist Always Known as PRINCE

As we all know by now, Prince Rogers Nelson left this earth last Thursday, April 21, 2016. He was not alive when he was found in the elevator at Paisley Park. It broke my heart to hear this.All kinds of accusations are being put out there regarding Prince and his drug habits but right now we are going to wait for the toxicology reports. What I will say is that folks are talking a lot about him OD’ing on Percacet.

The week before his death Prince’s private jet had to be grounded for what TMZ describes as a drug overdose WAKE shot after the Percocet OD. His reps said it was the FLU. Many people think that because he Prince was a vegan he wasn’t or couldn’t have used drugs. That’s the biggest crock of stew I have heard yet. Just today TMZ did an article about some of Prince’s relatives who said he was using Cocaine and Percocets.Right now his most publicly known sibling Tyka Nelson, his only full sibling has filed a petition to have his money divided up between her and Prince’s other 7 half siblings because he didn’t leave a will.

Rest In Power Peace…Because that’s how you walked!

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